How to stop the Bailiff from demanding money for Parking and Clamping

Norman Hendricks from Stoke on Trent

My car was clamped by a bailiff because of a parking fine that I had actually paid.

I saw John’s website, so I rang him to see what he could do for me. I hired him and followed his advice and suggestions.

Guess what? The clamp was off four days later!


Have you been CLAMPED over an unpaid Penalty Charge Notice? Call me! 07909 588 519

Have you been TOWED over an unpaid Penalty Charge Notice? Call me! 07909 588 519

Have you HAD A BAILIFF LETTER OR VISIT over an unpaid Penalty Charge Notice? Call me! 07909 588 519

Do you want to RECLAIM FEES you paid out to the bailiff? Call me! 07909 588 519

If the bailiffs are demanding money for parking and clamp removals they will no doubt demand a large payment on the spot.

Even if you can prove you have made a payment, the bailiff company may not have passed the money onto the council (or TFL) and this gives rise to further visits and more bailiff bills, meaning that your nightmare is never over. Read about the bailiff scam.

However there is a good chance I can recover some or all of that money and get the remainder cancelled. In situations like this, it is possible (depending on your individual circumstances) to get the WARRANT REVOKED and the case passed back to the council.

A bailiff must be lawful, justifiable and proportionate in his acts and behaviour so don't give in.

To get immediate help with your bailiff problem call John Galt on 07909 588 519.

Please note: I don't help you get off paying parking charges - I understand there are plenty of Google-able organisations that say they know how to do this. If the fine is for £60, it's cheaper to pay it than to pay me. I only get involved if matters proceed to bailiff visit stage and the bills really start to rack up into the few hundreds.

These testimonials show how quickly a case can be resolved.

Hundreds of previous customers' names and numbers available

If, in the past three years, you have already been clamped or towed and then paid the bailiff, then I can get you a refund from either the bailiff company or the council. I charge £125 for this service and am proud to offer a full refund in the case of failure.

Powers of a bailiffThe alternative is to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. They are very good but you may have a long wait to get an appointment and they cannot represent you in court or arbitration so you will have to contact a lawyer at some point. This costs money (£100 to £200 hourly) because there's no Legal Aid available for anti-bailiffing. Basically, you're on your own - UNLESS YOU CALL ME! 07909 588 519

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