How to stop the bailiff demanding money for council tax

Gordon Angelo, London W5

You remember I hired you last Monday?
I had a letter from the council this morning saying they are placing all recovery action on hold and will allow direct payments against the arrears.
This means I don't have to pay baliff fees, LOL!


If the bailiffs are demanding money for unpaid council tax, they will no doubt be demanded a large payment on the spot.

Even if you can prove you have made a payment to the bailiff company, they may not have passed the money onto the council and this gives rise to further visits and more bailiff bills, meaning that your nightmare is never over. See here: the bailiff scam.

A bailiff must be lawful, justifiable and proportionate in his acts and behaviour so don't give in.

To get immediate help with your bailiff problem call John Galt on 07909 588 519 .

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Powers of a bailiffThe alternative is to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. They are very good but you may have a long wait to get an appointment and they cannot represent you in court or arbitration so you will have to contact a lawyer at some point.

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